About Burando Barging

When choosing Burando Barging, you choose for a young, dynamic, experienced and flexible team, with a no nonsense mentality. We can translate your transportation needs into the best services available. We are aware of our responsibilities towards clients, barge-owners and bargecrew, the environment and other aspects of the market in which we operate.

Transportation of liquid cargo over the West-European waterways 

Burando Barging  has a fleet consisting of  60 double hulled barges with a loading capacity varying from 1.700 ton to well over 9.500 ton. These barges are 24/7-365 days per year available  to efficiently and safely transport your products to their destination, whilst keeping an eye on the accompanying procedures to guarantee the quality.


Specialized in transportation of liquid products

We are able to transport both mineral oils, light chemical and vegoil products with our barges. Common products transported are Naphtha, Methanol, Pyrolysis petrol, Fuel Oil, Gasoil, Used Cooking Oil,  and similar products. 

The area that we serve

Burando Barging barges operate in the West-European waterways, from Maastricht to Den Helder, all ports and terminals positioned in the FARAG area, the Rhine and her side rivers and canals. We feel strongly about safety and the environment and put everything at work to protect our crew and its surrounding. 

Burando Maritime Services

Burando Barging has been part of Burando Maritime Services since 2016. As a result we can offer our clients a wider range of services (for example STS operations, tank degassing, waste collection, delivery of stores and spares and customs documents and clearance (see www.burando.eu for all our services)